What To Wear For Paintball | 10 Items You Should Consider

What To Wear For Paintball? Assuming you are intrigued to play paintball, know that separated from the apparatuses, supplies, and hardware you need to accumulate for the genuine game, you likewise need to get ready for the garments and security gear that you need to wear.

You need to know precisely what you need to wear while you drench yourself in the fight. Regardless of whether you are a fledgling in paintball or a specialist, planning for what to wear when paint balling is fundamental. You can even see veterans who are consistently looking for apparel and stuff ideas that can ensure their solace and assurance. Assuming you are as yet uncertain what to wear, let this article fill in as your aide.

With all the data that you can assemble from this article, you will have a more clear thought regarding what you ought to get ready preceding a fight to build your shots at having a more charming and safe experience once you are now in the field. Regardless level you are in, you can profit with the data that I will give in this article.

What to Wear to Play Paintball?

1. Long-sleeves:

When choosing clothes that suit your upper body, try to wear sleeves as long as possible, because the rule of thumb when playing paintball is to expose as little skin as possible. Your bare skin may be itchy, so cover yourself. Therefore, it is not recommended to wear T-shirts. If possible, wear a loose dark sweatshirt or long-sleeved sweatshirt.

T-shirts and jackets serve as safety nets in case there are certain fluctuations or changes in the weather. It is also recommended to wear loose clothing so that the blow will not hit the target, which will prevent hitting the target or stinging during shooting.

2. Pants:

Paintball also exposes your feet to different elements, including dirt, stones, branches, and thorns, which can cause minor scratches to your knees and feet, depending on the location. Therefore, shorts are not recommended. Instead, wear loose dark sports pants.

You can also wear overalls, paintball pants, overalls and jeans. The lower body is protected to the greatest extent. Just like your upper body, you also need to protect your lower body. You can also wear two sports pants to further improve your lower body protection.

When you play paintball, you also tend to do certain things, such as diving, kneeling and crawling. If your lower body is not protected, these actions may cause scratches, bumps, and bruises in the area.Make sure that the pants you wear are also thick; however, despite the thick pants, the pants should allow good freedom of movement and prevent scratches and abrasions, while being thick enough without restricting freedom of movement.

3. Gloves:

You also need to buy a pair of gloves to protect your hands. Remember, your hands are one of the most common body parts when playing paintball. This is mainly because you are constantly exposing them, especially when aiming a marker or a pistol at your opponent.​​

Also, remember that your hands have sensitive areas. These points are also more sensitive. In order to fully protect your hands while playing, be sure to buy a pair of gloves. The ideal gloves are golf, football, gardening, paintball and fingerless gloves for weightlifting. If possible, avoid sweat, latex or winter gloves, as they are too bulky and thick to trigger sensitivity.

4. Paintball Jersey:

This type of clothing is specially designed for paintball games and can even be customized to match the color and name of the team’s materials. This material can absorb impact and promote rebound. The sweater should also be loose enough to fit the padding. In most cases, these speedball jerseys are also available in bright colors.

If you are interested in wooden balls, the dedicated shirts are usually camouflage and pastel colors. The cuffs on the wrist prevent dust from entering and make the shirt look tighter because you can hem it under the vest.

5. Vest:

In most cases, you may also need to buy a paintball vest. This dress is more important, especially if you plan to participate in Woodsball. Vests are usually padded to absorb bumps and bumps.

You can also buy pockets with multiple pockets, which can be used to store any items you need in the field, such as clocks, maps, radios, water bottles, squeegees, or other personal items such as keys and wallets.

6. Head Protection:

If you often play paintball, you can also spend money to buy your own goggles or face shields, which are usually your main safety equipment, because paintball players must wear something to protect their face and eyes on the court. The great thing about masks or glasses is that they are now available in various styles, sizes and shapes.

The high-quality glasses are also equipped with a comfortable inner lining and anti-fog protection to make your driving experience more comfortable. In addition to masks or goggles, you can also protect your head and other parts of your face by wearing a baseball cap or winter hat on your back.

If you are wearing a hooded sweatshirt, be sure to pull it up. All of these are necessary to protect the head. Be sure to choose one that can cover your face. However, when buying a mask, you should find a mask that suits you. Close to your head.If you roll, run, or take any other actions in battle, it should not slip or fall.

7. Shoes:

Before deciding which shoes to wear when playing paintball, the first thing you should consider is which type of paintball you want to play, whether it is a speed ball or a forest ball. For paintball or forest ball, the best shoes for you are shoes with sufficient ankle support.

Shoes also need to have suitable protectors. In this case, you can use walking shoes, running shoes or sports shoes. You can also use boots for paintball shooting, but remember that they are more suitable for speed balls than lesball. This is mainly because, although their rubber nails work well when you are walking on grass or lawns, you cannot expect them to do the same when walking.

On stone, concrete, tree stumps and wood. If you think cleats are the best shoes for you, please choose soccer shoes or soccer shoes. You can also choose baseball shoes. Keep away from metal tips. It is well known that spikes like this will hurt other players and blow up the inflatable bunker.

When choosing suitable paintball shoes, it is recommended to avoid open-toed shoes, such as sandals.This is mainly because such open-toed shoes only increase the risk of foot injuries. A new pair of shoes is not a good idea either, because they are still a bit difficult to move and walk on. Make sure you feel comfortable and familiar with the shoes.

8. Pod Packs:

Paintball also includes a capsule set. These items are safety belts with capsules that can hold additional paintballs. These bands are vertical or horizontal. As the name suggests, vertical capsules are those that can be worn vertically on the waist, and you need to wear them close to your body.

The problem with these backpacks is that they cause more trouble and trouble when changing the capsule. Or, you can choose a horizontal capsule bag, which can be worn by holding it horizontally at the waist.

The advantage of horizontal packaging is that they are affordable because they are easy to obtain. The problem with horizontal container packaging is that it tends to stand aside, which can improve your visibility in the field. It is also difficult to turn over or lie down quickly while wearing it.

9. Ghillie Suits:

When you want to play football, you can also choose to wear auspicious clothes. Many paintball players now use these suits, which have the advantage of being very comfortable to wear. You can also expect these suits to provide disguise for players. You can also purchase them conveniently online or at any sporting goods store.

10. Other Items to Prepare:

In addition to the clothes and protective gear needed to play paintball, you also need to prepare other things such as rags or towels to clean up your old bumps, as well as your paintball equipment, drinking water, garbage bags, no matter where you are.

After the game, you can put on dirty clothes and a raincoat. You may also need to wear extra clothes on the way home. Don’t forget to bring some cash with you, as some parks do not have ATMs for credit cards.

Important Clothing Tips to Remember:

You already know the basic clothes to wear when shooting paintball. Next, you need to share some valuable tips to help you dress properly before playing paintball.

Wear the right clothes for the weather – Before entering the venue, you need to consider the current local climate, because the weather will also affect the clothes you should wear; some beginners may choose thick clothes. It’s like a sweatshirt to relieve the pain they might feel from a blow or injury.

However, if you want to play in the summer and feel hot indoors, these thick clothes may not be ideal. In this case, you can wear one or two layers of looser, lighter clothes instead of thicker clothes. If you feel overheated, make sure that your clothes are easy to take off.

Wildness In very cold climates, warm clothes are also necessary. In this weather, you may need a sweatshirt, hat, a pair of thick socks and gloves.

Choose to wear old clothes – If possible, avoid buying new clothes while doing paintball shooting. Please note that you have to kneel, climb or dive to play, so it is best to wear old clothes suitable for the game. He doesn’t mind getting dirty or tearing. Also, remember that although some balloons now use water-soluble dyes that are easy to clean or wash, there are also cheap brands that can stain your clothes. It is best to wear old clothes, so as not to get upset if they are dirty or torn.

Choose to wear clothes with dark colors – Avoid wearing light-colored clothing as much as possible, as this will not only make it easier to get dirty, but will also cause you to be exposed to your opponent most of the time, especially on forest courts. Clothing that reduces the risk of being seen by the opponent.

Add several layers – Layering is one of the most recommended techniques for paintball players, especially those who want to wear something. Instead of throwing a layer of old clothes into old clothes, consider wearing layers of old clothes in every paintball competition.

The advantage of this dress with multiple layers is that it can reduce the bumps that occur when paintball hits your body. The additional layer can create a space between the topsheet and the skin. The specific material in the middle will actually have the most impact. Throw something every time another player hits you.

However, you should also consider the weather before putting on multiple layers of clothing, because if you decide to play in very hot weather, this is not the best choice.If you plan to play paintball in the hot season, please don’t wear more layers to avoid overheating.

Ensure that no body parts are exposed – When choosing a suitable paintball suit, be careful not to expose any part of your body. Your skin should not be exposed either, because if paintballs penetrate unprotected skin, they will usually bite. Unprotected or completely exposed areas can only cause paintballs to scar the area. Your body has been exposed to too much paintball material.

Choose to have some additional padding – If you still feel uncomfortable with the limited protection of long-sleeved pants and shirts you are wearing, you can use extra padding. In this case, you can purchase an armrest that protects your forearms mainly from the elbow to the wrist.

This extra mat is very useful, especially if you are a paintball type who likes to dive and slide on the court. Every time your hand touches the ground, the extra pad is very helpful to cushion the impact. Wearing shin guards is also a good idea.Another tip is to wear sliding shorts specially designed for competitions.

The advantage of these sliding shorts is that they are perfectly padded to fully protect the lower body. It also provides some protection for your groin and neck. You should never forget that preparing suitable clothes for paintball shooting is a reliable way to protect your neck.

Choose a neck brace that can truly protect the sensitive parts of the neck and skin. In addition to protectors, another way to protect the neck is a scarf. Many people think it is more convenient than the neck. All you have to do is tie it around your neck. Another option is to wear only a simple sweater.

Collar that already covers the neck area. The groin area should also have some form of protection. You can put a cup in it to protect it.It’s a little uncomfortable, but this kind of discomfort can really be controlled, and it can also give you a little comfort, knowing that you will get extra protection in sensitive areas.

Avoid wearing any valuable or jewelry – Remember, paintball is a game full of action, adventure and adrenaline, so when you are already on the battlefield, don’t mistakenly wear fashionable items such as jewelry or other accessories. First of all, if you don’t wear these items, you won’t lose them. You can also minimize the risk of injury to your jewelry while playing. Avoiding these expensive items will allow you to focus on future battles. Because you no longer care about and worry about them.


Knowing what to wear to participate in paintball is the key to ensuring you enjoy the game to the fullest. You need to dress appropriately so that your movements are not restricted by wearing the wrong clothes. In addition, with the right clothes, you can dodge your opponents and avoid injuries or blows.

Although choosing the right clothes when drawing the ball is a bit cumbersome, it is worth it, because under ideal conditions, you will enjoy the original pleasure for a long time.