Why Issuing A Digital Dollar Would Be a Good Idea

 Biden government has stepped up the pace of digital USD progress.

crypto adoption and bitcoin (BTC) advocacy just keeps gaining pace

forcing central and commercial banks to create solutions that can compete with crypto in the remittance, digitization, and cross-border transactions arenas.

The US needs to keep pace with China

China’s digital RMB is almost ready to come out of the oven.

The USD needs to compete with crypto The fiercest opponents of crypto are often the most vocal advocates for CBDC adoption

Even in Russia, the Central Bank has repeatedly called for a blanket crypto ban and the urgent rollout of a digital RUB

The Fed has long ago realized that it cannot really work with crypto 

and that decentralization essentially wrests power away from any kind of central financial hub

The Fed should create a digital reserve currency for the Web 3.0 era