Israeli Tech Firm Rolls Out Tracking Devices the Size of Postage Stamps

Wiliot has its first major customer for the tiny tracking tags it is developing to follow products from source to store and measure temperature changes and other factors that affect goods in transit.

Wiliot, based in Caesarea, Israel, is one of a growing number of companies building tools aimed at monitoring goods as they move through distribution channels.

The company says its tags are small and cheap enough for use in the many crates and carriers agriculture shippers use to get their products to markets.

The company will work with Israeli supermarket chain Shufersal, the two announced on Wednesday..

to roll out technology that Wiliot hopes to extend more broadly to sectors like apparel and pharmaceuticals world-wide.

Wiliot’s tags are roughly the size of postage stamps and contain microprocessors that will be tacked onto Shufersal produce crates.

They will track fruits and vegetables from the time they are picked and loaded at farms till they are on store shelves, providing information to suppliers and grocers along the way.

The size of the devices is aimed at solving a gray area in supply chains.

Typically, goods are tracked through devices in shipping containers and truck trailers, but because of the expense the technology is less common in smaller shipments.