Musk Is Going to Launch a Super PAC

The 50-year-old Musk understands this well: He is going to set up a political action committee, or PAC, to financially support "moderate" candidates.

"I’m thinking of creating a “Super Moderate Super PAC” that supports candidates with centrist views from all parties, " Musk posted on Twitter on June 15.

The serial entrepreneur -- he founded the rocket company SpaceX and is involved in infrastructure company Boring Co. and medical-technology provider Neuralink -- did not give further details. 

We don't know, for example, when he will establish this PAC, what his criteria for selecting candidates to support are, how he defines "moderate" among candidates, and when the PAC start operating.

"Do you see yourself becoming more and more outspoken about who you are going to support ?" asked Tesla Owners Silicon Valley, an account for Tesla fans.

"What gave it away? Haha" Musk replied with a laugh, preferring to maintain the mystery.

A PAC in the U.S. designates a private organization whose purpose is to help or hinder elected officials, as well as to encourage or to dissuade the adoption of certain laws.

Super PACs have reinforced the influence of the wealthiest on electoral campaigns and politics.

They are widely criticized because they make it possible to finance political and/or smear campaigns on a very large scale with almost unlimited funds.

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