No Instagram After Bedtime: Meta’s New Parental Control

Meta Platforms Inc. on Tuesday expanded its Instagram parental controls and introduced its first virtual-reality supervision tools, part of its effort to make its services safer for teens.

The new tools for the photo-sharing social network let parents set limits on what hours their teens can use Instagram. And inside the app, teens who dwell on certain content will be redirected.

Meta is also introducing similar features in its VR products, giving parents some say in what their kids can do inside Quest headsets.

The new Instagram tools are currently rolling out in the U.S. and will arrive in other countries, such as the U.K., Japan and Australia, later this month.

They should be available globally by the end of the year, Meta said. The VR parental supervision is rolling out world-wide starting Tuesday.

Instagram launched its first parental controls in March, giving guardians the ability to see how much time their teens spend on the app..

set time limits, view what accounts their kids follow and see who follows their teens.

Teens also could notify their parents when they reported inappropriate behavior on Instagram.

With the earlier tools, the teens had to initiate parental supervision. Tuesday’s update now lets parents make the request to their children, who still must approve it.

Teens can revoke parental-control permissions at any time, but doing so triggers a notification to the parents.