Ford Makes a Misstep in Its Race Against Tesla

Ford has promised to close the gap with Elon Musk's Tesla in the electric-vehicle market. 

Ford  (F) doesn't want to see setbacks in its race against Tesla  (TSLA

The legacy carmaker -- and everyone else -- lags behind the world's No. 1 in electric vehicles based on production, deliveries and market share.  

And if in recent weeks the wind has seemed to be at Ford's back -- with the first deliveries of the long-awaited F-150 Lightning, the electric version of the best-selling F-150 pickup -- things can still go away. 

That's at least partly because Tesla is not ready to acquiesce at all to its many rivals. 

Ford, aware of this sharp competitive approach, has so far managed to execute its plans well.

It aims to produce 2 million electric vehicles a year by the end of 2026 while strengthening the company's gasoline-car lines.  

First was the reorganization of the group, which separated internal-combustion-engine cars (or gasoline-powered cars) from battery powered vehicles. 

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