Britain’s Inflation Crisis Deepens, Fueling Strike Action

Inflation in the U.K. rose to 9.1% in May, a fresh four-decade high, darkening the country’s economic prospects at a time of mounting worker unrest and growing disaffection with the government. 

The figure marks the fastest rise in prices for a Group of Seven rich economy since the global surge began at the start of last year. 

The U.K.’s rapid inflation and low-growth prospects have converged into what Britons have called the cost-of-living crisis..

which has displaced the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the U.K.’s divorce from the European Union as the main preoccupation of voters.  

There is worse to come: The Bank of England expects the inflation rate to peak at more than 11% after a further jump in home energy prices that is likely to be announced in October. 

While the U.K.’s unemployment rate is low, average wages haven’t been keeping pace with prices..

and real spending power is set to fall at a rate not seen in decades. Across the country, that is a cause for growing anxiety.  

“I can’t necessarily buy what I want anymore without having to worry about the price,” said Amira Doufani, 26-year-old Londoner who is on maternity leave from her job.  

“Otherwise, I know that I won’t have enough to pay rent, bills and everything else that I need to pay. It’s definitely affecting not just myself, but loads of people.” 

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