Apple reveals software updates

Apple reveals software updates with customisable iPhone lockscreen, Message editing and more

MacOS Ventura was unveiled alongside iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and WatchOS 9 at the conference, with beta editions available to registered developers to download now.

Public betas of the new operating systems will be available to the public from "next month", Apple said.

One of the biggest changes announced is to the iPhone lockscreen, with new personalisation features available in iOS 16 for the first time.

Users will be able to change the colour filter of the image on the lockscreen, as well as choosing the font and colour of the time and date.

The subject of an image on the lockscreen can also appear in front of the time and date thanks to a new depth effect.

Widgets become available for the lockscreen for the first time including weather, calendar and a user's activity rings, previously only available on the Apple Watch.

The way notifications appear also changes as they will roll in from the bottom of the screen and stack rather than filling up the screen and hiding any personalisations.

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