Apple, Google Face New Antitrust Investigations in U.K.

The U.K.’s competition regulator wants to investigate market power it says Apple Inc. AAPL -3.50%▼ and Alphabet Inc.’s GOOG -3.18%▼ Google exert...

over some mobile-device software, ramping up global antitrust scrutiny of the largest U.S. technology companies.

The Competition and Markets Authority said Friday that it intends to initiate so-called market investigations

Under U.K. rules, market investigations can lead to binding orders to change practices, but no fines.

Separately, the CMA announced a traditional competition investigation—which could lead to fine

That probe is similar to one the regulator opened into Apple’s App Store last year.

The new investigations stem from a report by the CMA published Friday that said Apple and Google have an effective mobile-device duopoly..

That enables them to exercise what the regulator called a stranglehold over mobile ecosystems.