Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun Review: Best All Round Paintball Gun

Tippmann A5 A-5 Paintball Gun Review: The Tippmann A5 is viewed as one of the durable, strong, and dependable paintball guns. Probably the best component clients get from this firearm is that it very well may be updated and tweaked to their favored game sort through various embellishments.

The gun is a superior rendition of the Tippmann 98 custom and is reasonable for any individual who needs to be essential for genuine paintball gaming.

The gun offers a superior feed framework without overhauling. It utilizes air to control the loader rather than batteries. This guarantees long periods of utilization to the client without agonizing over running out of force. Clients like its exhibition as it shoots up to 15 balls each second and functions admirably in many conditions.

This marker may be the smartest option for relaxed fledglings who need an incredible beginning in their opposition and middle players who wish to take their game to a higher level. Its toughness combined with the wide scope of overhauls the Tippmann gun offers will guarantee long stretches of administrations.

Key Features of Tippmann A5:

  • The new tornado feed framework utilizes air to take care of up to 15 balls each second
  • Simple exchanging among security and terminating modes with the assistance of the new outer selector switch
  • Accompanies 5 terminating modes that fire up to 15 balls each second
  • The self-loader activity permits the client to fire as quick as possible draw the trigger
  • Simple to update and modify
  • Has a superior front hold for a consistent shooting
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to keep up with
  • Can be collected and dismantled effectively without the utilization of any instruments
  • Aluminum body
  • Highlights a position of safe container to give an unmistakable view to the client
  • 5-inch barrel
  • Works on carbon dioxide, nitrogen, or packed air


The Tippmann A5 is an exact and consistent paintball weapon making it probably the most ideal choice available today. The firearm offers a scope of around 150 feet with its 8.5-inch barrel. The barrel builds the weapon’s precision as well as diminishes commotion.

This empowers the client to crawl around discreetly without agonizing over being gotten by the rival group. An all-inclusive 14-inch barrel can be added to the marker for further developed exactness and expanded reach helpful for clients who might want to utilize it over longer ranges.

Genuine gamers love that this firearm includes the twister feed framework that speeds up the marker. This expands the firearm’s presentation as the client can fire at a quick rate without easing back down. The stacking gadget is not difficult to introduce making this an incredible marker for the two novices and progressed players. It is controlled via air instead of batteries and shoots a limit of 17 balls each second. The self-loader triggers flames as indicated by the client’s activity.

Another extraordinary component of the Tippman A5 paintball weapon is that it offers the marksman a reasonable view because of its position as a safety container. It additionally permits the client to choose the sort of gas they are alright with as it can work with any gas; nitrogen, carbon dioxide, or packed air.


This gun accompanies extraordinary highlights that settle on it a helpful decision. The shock spongy end cap is one component that separates it from other paintball weapons.

The gun is likewise heavier contrasted with other paintball firearms which gives it a superior vibe on the hand for the most part for cutting edge players. Its front grasp additionally adds to the weapon’s security. The outside selector switch permits clients to effortlessly change from terminating mode to wellbeing mode and the other way around.

The Tippmann A5 additionally permits various updates and mods through a wide scope of frills. The client can redesign the firearm to appear as though genuine weapons utilizing accessible body packs. This empowers the client to adjust their firearm to accommodate their game sort. Its barrel can likewise be updated for better exactness and expanded reach.

Another helpful component of this weapon is its capacity to be amassed rapidly. Its inward bore has been upgraded to a more extensive plan for quick field-stripping and simplicity of the support. This guarantees the player focuses on the game rather than fixing the paintball weapon. It additionally strips effectively for a speedy cleaning just as for capacity.


The Tippmann A5 has been worked to bring to the table long stretches of administration. Its body is made of a sturdy metal edge while different parts are developed of high-thickness plastics making it more solid than its rivals. The typhoon feed framework permits the client to drive the speed framework to turn physically if there should arise an occurrence of a ball jam. This guarantees no balls are stuck inside the firearm’s inward frameworks.

The shock-engrossing end cap of this firearm likewise holds the weapon back from destroying effectively as it limits the firearm harm. Most pieces of this marker can be effortlessly supplanted to guarantee long periods of utilization. This saves money on substitution costs on the off chance that a few sections wear out.

The weatherproof plan of this weapon guarantees it tends to be utilized in all climate conditions. A major trend dark gas line additionally makes this a solid and tough weapon. It likewise accompanies an advantageous 2-year guarantee so the client will not need to stress over fixes in the event that something turns out badly with the gun.

Additional features:

The extra highlights on this firearm make it a superior entertainer. Its bundle incorporates a 15-inch barrel for more exact shooting. It likewise has a red spot sight for more exact shooting. Its crate incorporates the container, barrel, typhoon takes care of augmentations, barrel lube, and barrel well-being sack close by the firearm.

It includes a sling mount to permit the client to helpfully convey it and furthermore to help the firearm for soundness for expanded exactness. With an outer selector switch E-hold, the new A-5 highlights an attractively started Hall Effect sensor with 3 places that permit the client to change speeds on the fly.  Further to this, the new E-grasp additionally includes 5 terminating styles.

Pros & Cons Of Tippmann A-5 PaintBall Gun


  • Offers very accurate shots
  • Includes a sniper barrel
  • Features a great range of 250 feet
  • Features cyclone feed system for increased speed
  • Easy to customize and upgrade
  • Includes a shock-absorbent end cap for durability
  • The package includes a red dot spot for precise shooting
  • Adjustable firing rate
  • Can be assembled and disassembled easily without tools making it easy to maintain


  • It is slightly heavy but this is preferred by some users
  • The barrel is non-customizable
  • Any other company paintballs cannot be used as they clog the hopper



The Tippmann A5 places into thought everything necessary to offer an exact went for woodsman and situation players. It is further solid to guarantee it merits its expense and overhauls are not difficult to add. Its container offers extraordinary unwavering quality and sturdiness making it the best on the lookout. Every one of its highlights and benefits settles on it an extraordinary decision for amateurs, halfway and progressed marksmen.