Tippmann 98 Custom Review – Best Paintball Gun For A Beginner

Tippmann 98 Custom Review: If you’re a novice or new paintball player or need to purchase novices paintball guns then there is no alternative aside from 98. At first, Tippmann offers two years guarantee on their Tippmann paintball gun series which is incredible.

The intriguing part is that it doesn’t make any difference how long you drop the gun on the ground, it works like another one. This custom series is simpler to keep up with, update, and alter.

Tippmann 98 is the most mainstream paintball marker and smash-hit paintball gun all around the world forever. Paintball sweetheart called this weapon AK-47 in the paintball world. You can’t differ with me that it is the cool paintball gun as well.

There is two different versions of Tippmann 98 and are both Platinum series:

  1. Ultra Basic
  2. ACT

Features of Tippmann 98 Custom:

  • Weight: 6.5 LB (Shipping)
  • Gun Weight: 3.2 LB (Includes barrel)
  • Velocity: 300 FPS
  • Caliber size: .68
  • Barrels: 8.5 inches anodized barrel
  • Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
  • Body: Aluminum
  • Hopper capacity: 200 Round
  • Supported Gas: Co2, Compressed air, Nitrogen
  • Rubbers: Custom foregrip

Tippmann 98 Custom Details Reviews:

This ultra fundamental paintball gun accompanies an animation box including spare parts (support pack), 98 custom string barrels, one feed container neck, and a gun.

  • The Gun produced using sturdy aluminum materials.
  • The trigger is really quick, and you can shoot eight balls each second.
  • Simple to clean and keep up with.
  • It will be alright on the off chance that you clean it regularly.
  • This firearm is more adaptable than the different weapons available.
  • The feed neck is removable and simple to collect.
  • There is a recent trend snare connection back to the firearm.
  • You can hold tight the firearm through snare; even you can totally eliminate the snare.
  • The grasp outline is viable with the trigger.

E-Trigger Upgrade:

Fundamentally, it accompanies a manual trigger, yet you can overhaul it with an electronic trigger, another name is e-trigger.

Prior to changing the trigger, you need to purchase a couple of components like a capacitor, solenoid board, wire bridle, new singe, magnet, ocean spring, armature pin. These instruments you need to use within the weapon. The client manual and video will assist you with making it simpler.

Cyclone Feed System:

Assuming you need to update the typhoon feed framework rather than the essential taking care of framework then it is valuable to realize how to do this. I will reveal to you How to introduce a Tippmann 98 Custom Cyclone Feed System:

  • It’s Very Simple And Straightforward.
  • To start with, Remove The Old Feed Neck.
  • Furthermore, New Cyclone Feed Neck.
  • Screw It According To Manual Guide.
  • Join The Hopper And Start Firing, That’s It.

Tippmann 98 Custom Price:

Tippmann 98 custom cost is lower than other comparative weapons. The maker offers the two alternatives – the lone weapon and vital hardware. For the most part, they give tanks, containers, veils, units, pin valves, and so forth in the weapon bundle. As per the 98 custom value, the quality is brilliant.

There is a ton of comparative paintball weapons available with a similar value point, however, they have no base quality to battle in the field. This is the best modest paintball weapon on earth. On the off chance that you need a section-level paintball firearm, we energetically suggest this 98 custom Tippmann weapon for you.

How To Do Basic Maintenance Of Tippmann 98:

  • Before cleaning the gun first do D-gas.
  • Then check the gun that has no additional gas.
  • Remove the barrel and neck.
  • Remove all screws through Allen Key.
  • First carefully remove both sides of the back handle than the front side.
  • After removing the cover, then start cleaning it according to your needs.

Pros & Cons Of Tippmann A-5 PaintBall Gun


  • The extremely reliable and durable marker
  • Thousands of ways to customize
  • Hardly any maintenance
  • Very comfortable grip


  • This marker is relatively long compared to other markers
  • Not the fastest shooting unit
  • Users have mentioned that it can be difficult to completely disassemble
  • In terms of performance, users have stated that there is a bit of recoil.



Our last word is that if you won’t buy this gun after reading this profound review which means you lose your money to buy a Tippmann pistol replica. This is the right weapon to invest.

Thanks for reading!