Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Review: Best High-End Paintball Gun

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Review: The Planet Eclipse Etha 2 is an advancement of the first Etha paintball marker. This weapon is a splendid move up to a dependable, refined, and highlight stuffed firearm that demonstrates what innovativeness and creative designing arrangements can accomplish.

Its outside development is hard to withstand all effects and assurance sturdiness. It is lightweight and offers equilibrium to the client making it simple to control, point, and shoot.

It is a top of the line electronic firearm that can be shot in different modes making the paintball weapon incredible for various game styles. Its two-section takes care of give clients extended periods of shooting. It is extremely precise to make shooting simple and a good time for fledglings.

Planet Eclipse is notable for quality paintball weapons. However not at a low value, the weapon accompanies astounding highlights and execution that make it worth the cost. It settles on an extraordinary decision for a wide range of shooters from amateurs to proficient sharpshooters.

Key Features of Planet Eclipse Etha 2:

  • Totally altered Etha 2 stage
  • Driven by Gamma Core spool valve to withstand brutal climate conditions
  • Airplane grade aluminum inside
  • Composite nylon outside development
  • A hose-less air move framework
  • Driven status marker for both right-gave and left-gave people
  • The trigger permits adequate grasp separating. It additionally includes a little switch for protected and helpful
  • activity
  • Has an astounding ASA that can be turned here and there while joining or dethatching the tank
  • Uses a spring bolt framework for further developed execution
  • Incorporates an apparatus less hold
  • Most parts can be moved up to give better execution
  • Deltek offset feed and barrel
  • Utilizations a lock-and-burden battery framework


The presentation of this firearm stands apart from the first Etha paintball marker because of the upgradeable choice. The adequate grasp dispersing permits the client to hold the marker all the more proficiently making it simple to shoot.

The far reaching development and exactness guarantee a simple exact hit. Its terminating execution is likewise improved by the spring return bolt framework. The bolt framework has an elastic expansion that keeps the ball from cutting by padding it as it travels through the barrel.

The marker includes a SL3 controller that controls the tank pressure varieties. The client changes the pressing factor controlling the capability of the firearm. The two-piece barrel empowers the client to shoot utilizing differing modes. This is a one of a kind component that makes this firearm stand apart to its clients as it gives them the choice of changing the shooting mode to fit the sort and style of the game.

The Planet Eclipse Etha 2 additionally makes a proficient weapon as it is both air and battery-viable. It offers various shots with negligible breakage as clients might want.

Its capacity to be changed in accordance with empower the client to pick the strain to discharge gives the shooter command over the weapon dependent on how they need to act in the game. The double stage speed increase utilized by the bolt guarantees the ball moves easily through the barrel when at a low speed.


As an overhaul of the first Etha paintball marker, the Etha 2 meets the comfort expected by most sharpshooters. The hose-less air move framework makes it simple for the client to get to the tank for a top off. The POPS ASA gathering makes it simple for the client to top off the tank and return to the game. This is a result of the on and off switch that segregates and joins the tank effortlessly.

The marker is additionally easy to utilize on account of the spring return which sends the bolt back to its place after each shot. This is a profoundly strong weapon to give the client helpful long stretches of administration. The weapon accomplishes this with the nylon composite materials in its feed neck, hold casing, and eye cover.

Its development makes it lightweight and happy with making it helpful for novices as they think that its simple to work the weapon. Progressed players likewise track down this helpful since they can go around with the weapon without being put somewhere near its weight. Its weight likewise feels great on the body of the client.


The Etha 2 has been updated to give it preferred execution and magnificent highlights over the first Etha. The nylon composite body is developed to persevere through the hardest climate. The inward parts are developed of airplane grade aluminum adding to the strength of this firearm by solid and effective terminating. This makes probably the hardest marker accessible and it can undoubtedly take anything tossed at it without breaking.

It is additionally determined by the Gamma Core spool valve that empowers the firearm to withstand every single climate condition. Clients can utilize it regardless of the condition as it works in any event, during winter. It is planned with a solid casing that interfaces with the body without wires and a foregrip. The foregrip is not difficult to access and eliminates effectively with no apparatus.

Additional features:

The advancement of Etha accompanied extraordinary extra highlights and added benefits. The first weapon was stronger and had a payoff which isn’t the situation with Etha 2. Clients can utilize this calm marker without stressing over their rival getting them. The insignificant payoff is likewise OK for the two amateurs and progressed shooters. The diminished payoff likewise makes shooting a great encounter as it works with pointing.

The 14.5-inch barrel of this weapon can likewise be overhauled for better execution. The .68 type firearm empowers shots to go in an orderly fashion and cover a significant distance for the client’s accommodation. This gives the client an extraordinary benefit over their adversary. It includes an able to use both hands LED pointer to show the shooting mode. The LED screen screens sloping, debounce, self-loader, and pace of fire in significant competitions.

With regards to cleaning, the unit is not difficult to dismantle. The client would then be able to get to the internal parts effectively for speedy cleaning and support.

Pros & Cons Of Tippmann A-5 PaintBall Gun


  • Easy to clean
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Extremely easy to use thus suitable for beginners
  • Has advanced features for advanced players
  • Lightweight and well balanced making it easy to control
  • Reduced recoil
  • Offers modern features found in expensive markers to ensure value for money
  • Offers accurate hit from a distance
  • Stands hostile weather conditions
  • Durable
  • Features a paintball anti-clipping system


  • The gun is louder compared to other markers. It is however not so loud to irritate the player and upgrades can help dampen the noise



The exactness offered by this gun combined with the inventive and imaginative designing plan makes it an extraordinary determination given its cost. It makes a predominant section level marker and is additionally reasonable for halfway and experienced clients.

It is solid, simple to utilize, and offers progressed includes generally found in costly markers making it an incredible paintball firearm for utilize even in the hardest conditions. This load of stunning highlights make this a well known firearm in any field.