Best Paintball Guns Under $100

Find cheap paintball guns under $100, perfect for beginners who want to use their own gear. Take a look at the top 5 best-selling Paintball Guns Under $100 to reduce your equipment rental costs. With these affordable paintball pens, you will soon become a paintball sniper or speedball star.

Note: The availability of these cheaper paintball guns is usually limited. Most online retailers that sell cheap paintball guns offer free shipping on orders over $100. A gun with a mask, a tank, a hopper, and a box for paintball is the best deal. Some of these types do not require a water tank or charger. This makes them more accessible and allows you to play longer!

Best Paintball Guns under $100:

1. JT SplatMaster Z300 Sniper:

In case you’re searching for a moderate section level marker that can make them play expert marksman then SplatMaster might be planned only for you. The .50 type paintballs are more precise at nearer runs and are more affordable. The side positioning spring activity disposes of the need to purchase extravagant air tanks and go searching for CO2 fills.

Simply purchase the paintball gun, a few balls, and a defensive mask to begin playing. The more modest .50 paintballs, with a speed of 110-150 feet each second, don’t hurt like the .68 markers. The buttstock is customizable to fit players of every single diverse size. JT incorporates a reusable objective for training, a manual, and a wellbeing barrel plug.


2. JT Raptor Pump:

The Raptor siphon is an example that a large number of us began with. It’s a super financial plan for this paintball gun that gives lots of fun. You’ll require .68 type paintballs and CO2 12-gram cartridges to play.

The basic plan makes it low upkeep with the appended loader and a siphon instrument. As one of our least expensive value point suggestions, the Raptor is worked for the fledgling player. In case you’re hoping to get up and play for negligible cash this is the gun for you.


3. Spyder Victor Refurbished:

This marker will have restricted accessibility because of it being repaired yet it is one of our #1 firearms under $50. This self-loader Victor shoots well in the forested areas or at a speedball field. It’s anything but a loader and tank to work, however, the Spyder name had been around since the beginning of paintball.

There are numerous redesigns for Spyder items and this marker can be improved to fit a player’s style of interactivity as they progress in the game. A portion of the top highlights incorporate self-loader activity, a two-finger trigger for quick-fire, a ported 10-inch barrel, steel twisted main concern, and abilities to shoot on CO2 or HPA.


4. JT SplatMaster z90 Pistol:

The Z90 Pistol doesn’t need a loader/container, an air tank, or batteries. The back positioning activity stacks the paintballs from the inward magazine to keep the firearm terminating and the major part in the warmth of the activity.
This gun is an extraordinary method to kick somebody off in paintball without the cost of extra gear – in spite of the fact that eye security is required. The Z90 shoots the SplatMaster .50 paintballs that don’t hurt like other paintball ammunition. A discretionary holster is accessible from JT yet isn’t needed.


5. JT SplatMaster Z100 Pistol:

JT comes in again with another hot gun. The Z100 shoots the simple SplatMaster non-staining ammunition. This gun offers a lower strategic rail that may work for some famous embellishments. A removable magazine adds authenticity to eliminating and reloading.

The inner spring-terminated framework shoots 100 feet however doesn’t need an air tank or upkeep. This is a pleasant paintball firearm for amateurs to begin playing inexpensively. JT is a confided-in name in modest paintball gear.



The strategic and fun nature of a paintball game improves with the right paintball marker for every specific person. Each gun will have its own novel highlights and benefits; subsequently, it is fundamental to sort out what turns out best for us.

Contingent upon our own inclinations, these main 5 best paintball guns under $100 will clearly give us that additional edge on the combat zone.