Best Paintball Guns Under $100

Find Cheap Paintball Guns Under $100 that would be perfect for a newer player looking to start playing with their own equipment. Check out the Top 10 Best Selling markers that will help you make a break from rental equipment charges. These affordable paintball markers are your way of quickly becoming a paintball sniper or speedball star.

Note: Often these less expensive guns have limited availability. Most of the online stores that sell cheap paintball guns offer free shipping on orders of $100 or more. That works well if you’re buying the gun with a mask, tank, hopper, and a case of paintballs. Some of these guys don’t require a tank or loader. That makes them even more affordable and will keep you playing longer!

Best Paintball Guns under $100:

1. JT SplatMaster Z300 Sniper:

If you’re looking for an affordable entry-level marker that can have you playing sniper the SplatMaster may be designed just for you. The .50 caliber paintballs are more accurate at closer ranges and are less expensive. The side cocking spring action eliminates the need to buy high-priced air tanks and go looking for CO2 fills.

Just buy the gun, some balls, and a protective mask to get started playing. The smaller .50 paintballs, with a velocity of 110-150 feet per second, don’t hurt like the .68 markers. The buttstock is adjustable to fit players of all different sizes. JT includes a reusable target for practice, a manual, and a safety barrel plug.


2. JT Raptor Pump:

The Raptor pump is a classic that many of us started out with. It’s a super budget-minded paintball gun that provides a lot of fun. You’ll need .68 caliber paintballs and CO2 12-gram cartridges to play.

The simple design makes it low maintenance with the attached loader and a pump mechanism. As one of our cheapest price point recommendations, the Raptor is built for the beginner player. If you’re looking to get up and playing for minimal money this is the gun for you.


3. Spyder Victor Refurbished:

This marker will have limited availability due to it being refurbished but it is one of our favorite guns under $50. This semi-auto Victor shoots well in the woods or at a speedball field. It does require a loader and tank to operate, but the Spyder name had been around since the early days of paintball.

There are many upgrades for Spyder products and this marker can be improved to fit a player’s style of gameplay as they progress in the sport. Some of the top features include semi-auto action, a two-finger trigger for rapid-fire, a ported 10-inch barrel, steel braided bottom line, and capabilities of shooting on CO2 or HPA.


4. JT SplatMaster z90 Pistol:

The Z90 Pistol doesn’t require a loader/hopper, an air tank, or batteries. The rear cocking action loads the paintballs from the internal magazine to keep the gun firing and the player in the heat of the action.

This pistol is a great way to get someone started in paintball without the expense of add-on equipment – although eye protection is required. The Z90 shoots the SplatMaster .50 paintballs that don’t hurt like other paintball ammo. An optional holster is available from JT but not required.


JT SplatMaster Z100 Pistol:

JT comes in again with another hot pistol. The Z100 shoots the easy SplatMaster non-staining ammo. This pistol offers a lower tactical rail that may work for some popular accessories. A removable magazine adds realism to removing and reloading.

The internal spring-fired system shoots 100 feet but doesn’t require an air tank or maintenance. This is a fun paintball gun for beginners to start playing cheaply. JT is a trusted name in cheap paintball equipment.



The tactical and fun nature of a paintball game gets even better with the right paintball marker for each particular individual. Every gun will have its own unique features and advantages; hence, it is essential to figure out what works best for us.

Depending on our personal preferences, these top ten best paintball guns under $100 will surely give us that extra edge on the battlefield.

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