Empire Axe Review: Best Anticipated Paintball Marker Gun

Empire Paintball Axe Marker Review: Here we have a great paintball marker that has an amazingly engaging sticker price considering every one of the awesome characteristics that it incorporates.

It’s similar to other top of reach weapons, like the Etek, Geo, and FX to give some examples. Be that as it may, the Ax is even more successful than these paintball markers from numerous points of view. This unit is really another age marker that incorporates another beautiful plan just as a long grasp that will empower you to shoot advantageously from different areas for quite a long time.

With simply a press of a catch, you will actually want to eliminate significant pieces of the marker so you can without much of a stretch clean and keep up with it. Assuming you need to eliminate the tank, it accompanies an on and off change to back off the evacuation interaction.

This gun likewise contains various discharging modes that you can browse, like Semi-Automatic, Millennium-Ramping, NXL, and PSP-Ramping. What’s more, the marker is in every case all around shut in to shield it from outrageous climate conditions. You ought to have the option to rely upon this weapon in climate conditions without influencing its capacities. We should dive further into the particulars of the Empire Ax marker and see what we can uncover.

Key Features of Empire Paintball Axe Marker:

  • Climate safe and waterproof fixed battery entryway
  • Upgraded Fore-Grip and Grip Frame to further develop solace
  • Redline OLED with improved help
  • Eliminate in-line bolt framework with a dash of a catch
  • Further developed Relay ASA
  • Simple to-clean Double-Eye framework
  • Underlying air channel
  • Further developed exactness and proficiency with 2 piece barrel .688
  • Developed trigger plan that includes a standard trigger gatekeeper
  • Minimal Screw Sizes
  • Progressed All-around Marker Ergonomics


This new model gives similar inclination and shooting as the past models of the Ax. Be that as it may, the exhibition and activity are fundamentally better and calmer. The predominant hold outline alongside the trigger casing has genuinely idealized the ergonomics of this paintball model.

It is amazingly lightweight and on the off chance that you hold the weapon for an extremely significant stretch of time, it will not make weakness your shoulders or arms, thus, taking into consideration simple turning consistently. You can essentially run, hop, creep, and roll effectively with this firearm as a result of its smaller size.

To decide the general exhibition of this marker, we need to look further into its shooting proficiency. Essentially, the Ax shoots balls effectively and is incredibly precise. Shooting is exceptionally smooth and there are no deferrals in the terminating arrangement. The working pressing factor of this paintball weapon is super low and contains novel Anti-Chop style eyes, principally intended to reinforce players to start up sensitive paint.

A few clients have professed to have gone through 5000 paintballs with this unit without blasting a slug. You can browse a few diverse shooting modes like PSP Ramping, Semi, and Millennium-Ramping. These are a sizable amount of shooting modes for most players as most paintball fields will just permit Semi-Auto mode.

At the point when it’s about consistency and dependability, this marker contains +-3 to +-5 on the Chrono. This makes the Ax amazingly reliable and you can have confidence that your marker will perform at a high level on the field. Everything about been dealt with to augment the presentation of this marker, even the trigger is more powerful than different paintball firearms.

You can change the trigger to 4 distinct positions. You can shoot at quicker speed rates reliably with no deferrals if. To upgrade the exhibition, significantly more, the Empire ensured that there would be adequate space between the foreGrip and trigger gatekeeper to make the shooting cycle dead simple. Out and out, the Ax will perform and work at a high level routinely, making this marker really a solid paintball gun.


The Axe flaunts a smooth and decent surface that genuinely affirms that you are holding a top-quality paintball weapon. Large numbers of you folks guarantee that look isn’t anything with regards to game-play however actually there are so numerous paintballers that truly jump into the universe of paintball and find the additional way to make the game look as genuine as could really be expected.

The Axe offers superior grade and jazzy search inside a sensible value range. The casing is all around planned to verify that the paint-hotshot will consistently have the best grip.  There are so numerous paintball markers that are planned with level holds that will bring down the creation cost however quality accompanies a cost and you ought not forfeit a more efficient grasp for a solid one.

There is no hose in the Axe and that implies you don’t need to manage a non-work hose issue. You won’t ever need to stress over any hole or broken hose when you are taking care of the Axe marker. Your adversaries will presumably burn through both energy and time contemplating when their marker will quit working in light of a break yet you can depend on your Axe consistently.


The cleaning and support measure is a straightforward advance with the bolt expulsion framework. There were a few issues with the bolt-expulsion framework in past models of Ax since you needed to curve the handle and press a catch simultaneously.

In any case, with the new bolt-expulsion framework, you should simply press the catch. You will have simple admittance to the eye with the new obvious detents that supplanted the spring detents that were utilized in past models.

Utilizing the alleged Relay ASA, you can use a switch to set off the wind stream to eliminate the container in a quick and productive manner. You will likewise get every one of the apparatuses you need to back off the upkeep cycle. With the little tool compartment, you will be given screws, additional detents, O-rings, and more valuable parts to keep up with the marker.

You will significantly see the value in the extra screws since you will wind up annihilating the screws with time. Generally speaking, support is currently a very basic interaction. You can undoubtedly re-amass the marker without inconvenience, on account of the direct plan.

Pros & Cons Of Tippmann A-5 PaintBall Gun


  • Extremely quiet
  • The firing sequence is one of the quickest on the market
  • The reliable and durable marker
  • Easy and quick bolt-removal system
  • Very accurate
  • Maintaining the marker is extremely easy
  • Uses less paint than other paintball markers
  • Comes with a handy toolbox
  • The best OLED Redline available
  • Stylish design


  • Current owners have been complaining that the ASA is non-adjustable
  • Stock barrel, not the best one (can be upgraded)



When you get on the field, you will see with your own eyes how exact and reliable this marker is. The significant distance precision is even amazing. To summarize, this paintball weapon is an amazingly agreeable marker to work and you can be certain that it will start up effortlessly, with exactness, and speed. It’s incredibly tranquil, despite the fact that it fires quickly and there are no mechanical issues to manage along as you keep up with the marker appropriately.

Ensure that the O-rings are in every case very much lubed to help their strength and usefulness. In case you are an amateur or even a prepared paintball player, this paintball weapon will intrigue you and it will make your general paintball experience a happy ride. Having said that, in case you are searching for another firearm or regardless of whether you need to overhaul it, view the Empire Ax marker.