Best Paintball Tank: Top Picks Biggest Carbon Fiber Paintball Air Tank

Best Paintball Tanks: If you wish to be part of the world of paintball then you need to gather all the necessary gears, accessories, and items that prove to be useful on the field.

In this case, one vital paintball accessory you should never forget to invest in is the paintball tank. It is a vital accessory as, without the best paintball tank, you will have limited playing time.

You have to invest in a good paintball tank, which specifically suits your needs. However, you may realize that making a choice of a tank is a hard decision, especially if you are still a beginner in the field of paintball. The good news is that we have compiled some of the most reliable paintball tanks today and wrote short reviews about each one.

With the information you will gain here, making your choice out of your almost hundreds of options will definitely be much easier.

Best Paintball Tanks:

1. Empire Co2 Tank:

One of the best paintball air tanks that I am sure you can easily access in the market today is the Empire CO2 tank. I find it instantly favorable because it arrives at your doorstep fully tested and ready for filling. That said, expect it to be fully ready for use in a competition right after you take it out of the box.

I am also happy with the built-in repeater pin valve in this tank. It is because I realized that it is actually the sturdiest pin valve that anyone can find in the field. I noticed that it even comes with a recessed valve, which is useful in easily and conveniently connecting it to the unit.

Constructed out of brass with sturdy brass fittings, I am pretty sure that this tank will last for quite a long time, too. You will get to enjoy its reliability and durability regardless of what level of play you are already in. It also comes with a durable and lightweight aluminum cylinder capable of withstanding too many activities and abuse.

It is a solid piece of CO2 tank, which will never let you down once you use it in the field. What is even better about it is that it seems to be just the right size. It is also complete with all the features you probably need once you use it in paintball, including the pod belt, pods, barrel condoms, hoppers, mini-hopper, and electric hopper.

Refilling it is also affordable. However, I find it bigger than I first expected.

Pros & Cons Of Tippmann A-5 PaintBall Gun


  • Ready for use for competition right out of the box
  • Comes with a sturdy pin valve
  • Highly reliable regardless of your level of play
  • Can withstand too much abuse and activities while remaining lightweight
  • Affordable refilling


  • It bigger than what most users expected at first.


2. Ninja Compressed HPA Paintball Air Tank:

If you are looking for a Ninja paintball tank, then its compressed HPA air tank is definitely for you. This Ninja air tank 68/4500 continues to impress the majority of its users as aside from being available at a good size, it also delivers truly excellent and remarkable performance when used in the field.

I find this tank awesome as it is also constructed out of carbon fiber, which is known for providing the right balance between sturdiness and lightness. This is one of the bigger HPA tank sizes, which means that it can supply you with more gas for the money you spent.

I am sure that you will enjoy the lightweight nature of this paintball tank, too. Considering its lightness, I can offer a guarantee that it will never give you a hard time once you carry it on the field. It will never slow you down nor limit your movements because of the light paintball tank weight.

Aside from being easy to carry and manage, you will also instantly notice that you will not have a difficult time storing it once you are no longer using it. It also helps every paintball player fire the best and the most accurate shots, which is actually very important if you are a serious player.

It holds a good amount of air, giving most users the chance to last for two to three rounds before the need for refills.

One thing I am not so happy about in this air tank, though, is that it is quite prone to dents, especially with heavy use and abuse.

Pros & Cons Of Tippmann A-5 PaintBall Gun


  • Made of sturdy yet lightweight carbon fiber material
  • Comes at the right size, supplying you with enough gas
  • Lightweight so carrying and storing it is easy
  • Helps users fire accurate shots
  • Can last for multiple rounds before requiring refills


  • Prone to dents


3. Empire Basics 3K Tank:

Another reliable option for paintball tank buyers is the Empire Basics 3K Tank. Constructed out of aluminum material, I can assure the majority of its potential users regarding the lightweight nature of the tank. I also figured out that it works as a reasonably priced choice for any player who wishes to upgrade to an HPA system.

What I am so glad this paintball tank is that it takes pride in its 3000 PSI fill capacity. It also comes ready-fitted with the required regulator. It is not as expensive as fiber-wrapped bottles, which is actually a good thing for those on a budget who are really serious about upgrading from CO2 to compressed air.

You also have a guarantee of the quality of this system. In fact, the pure energy regulator that comes along with it has set a high standard in terms of reliability and performance for thousands of years. With that, you have a guarantee that this system will serve you without any trouble for many years.

Another great benefit of the Empire Basics 3K tank is the fact that it lets you enjoy around 500 to 700 shots depending on your paintball marker. It has a user-replaceable bonnet, too. Furthermore, it is one of those paintball tanks that are easy to use, read, and maintain. It is not that heavy, as well.

However, it is still heavier when you compare it to those paintball tanks constructed out of carbon fiber. Still, it does not necessarily mean that the weight of this one is not manageable.

Pros & Cons Of Tippmann A-5 PaintBall Gun


  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Features a readily fitted regulator
  • Reliable pure energy regulator
  • Can let you enjoy around 500 to 700 shots
  • Easy to use, read, and maintain


  • Despite being generally lightweight, it is still heavier once you compare it to the carbon fiber tanks.


4. Empire Paintball Carbon Fiber Air System:

Another highly affordable option that I can recommend to those who are thinking about upgrading to an HPA system is the Empire Paintball Carbon Fiber System. Since it is mainly constructed out of carbon fiber, I am sure that it is designed to impress as far as its lightweight construction and durability are concerned.

Aside from being constructed from carbon fiber, it also has a regulator, which is made out of lightweight aluminum. With such a regulator, you will experience the utmost convenience using the tank. I can also assure you of the steady reliability and performance of this carbon air-fiber system.

The pure energy technology regulators that it uses can also give you a guarantee of the system’s stable pressure output, good flow, and a high level of efficiency. I am also happy with the high level of safety it offers. I noticed that it is safe because of the built-in low and high-pressure disks.

It also takes pride in its 4,500 PSI fill capacity as well as 800 PSI output pressure – both of which meet the standards in the paintball industry. It has a 5-year retest cycle, allowing the tank to operate for several years without hampering the overall quality of its performance.

You will also immediately notice that all of the components of this system meet and even exceed the standards and requirements set by the paintball industry.

It is slightly bulkier than what others initially anticipated, though.

Pros & Cons Of Tippmann A-5 PaintBall Gun


  • Constructed from high-quality, sturdy, and lightweight carbon fiber
  • Features a regulator built using lightweight aluminum
  • Provides a stable pressure output and good flow
  • Safe – thanks to the built-in low and high-pressure disks
  • 5-year retest cycle


  • Bulkier than other paintball tanks


5. Ninja 4500 PSI Carbon Fiber Paintball HPA Tank:

Another HPA tank that you should include in your list of choices is the Ninja 4500 PSI Carbon Fiber Paintball Tank. It is one of those tanks that will never cause any disappointment to potential users. I realized right away that it performs an excellent job as far as regulating and controlling air is concerned.

I even agree with some users who say that it is one of the sturdiest tanks available in the market. I think that it is designed to be long-lasting and lightweight, and I think that it is made possible with its carbon fiber construction. The carbon fiber material is strong and solid enough that it is capable of taking too much abuse without any signs of wear.

I am sure that you will also be glad to know that it is available in multiple colors. With that said, it is possible for you to find one that perfectly suits your paintball marker or gun. It is also nicely designed, making it appealing not only to your eyes but also to your teammates.

It is also built to handle all forms of paintball competition. With its lightness, carrying it around in the field will be much easier. Unlike the CO2 tank for paintball, this HPA tank can give you a strong edge and tactical advantage in the field as it is not prone to freezing.

However, it is one of the pricier paintball tanks that you can access in the market today. Fortunately, it truly provides great value for its price.

Pros & Cons Of Tippmann A-5 PaintBall Gun


  • Performs well in regulating the air
  • Sturdy and long-lasting while retaining its lightness
  • Constructed out of strong and solid carbon fiber
  • Can handle all kinds of paintball
  • Not prone to freezing


  • Pricey


What to Look For When Buying a Paintball Tank?

In your search for a good paintball tank, here are some of the important qualities and factors you have to check and assess thoroughly to boost your chances of finding the one you specifically need.


One of the things you have to be aware of regarding paintball tanks is their common types. Basically, there are two basic kinds of this tank. The first one is the CO2 paintball tank, which is used widely in the sport. One advantage of this specific paintball tank is that it is easy to refill. You can also access CO2 almost anywhere.

Aside from that, many prefer to use the CO2 paintball tank because it costs less when compared to the other type, which is the compressed tank. However, it has a drawback, too – and that is the fact that it has the tendency of freezing up. When that happens, it might also cause regulators to freeze, thereby preventing your gun from properly firing.

Another type of tank that you can use in the sport is the compressed air paintball tank. Also called high-pressure air (HPA) tank, it is less common when compared to the CO2. You can see it is normally used by those who are interested in playing competition-styled paintball.

The best HPA tank for paintball can actually help you save money over time, especially if your chosen provider supplies a compressed air refill without charge. Another great advantage of the compressed air or high-pressure air tank is that it does not freeze up.

However, it also has a drawback, which is the need to use a special regulator just so you can use compressed air effectively. This might increase the specific amount of money you need to spend. With their individual pros and cons, it is up to you to figure out which of the two types can give you the edge once you start playing.

The Tank Size:

Another crucial consideration is the size of the tank. It is a vital factor, especially if you are really serious about participating in the sport. With that in mind, you have to consult a paintball tank size chart so you can figure out which one suits your needs the most.

One of the most common sizes of the paintball tank is the 68-4500, which refers to a medium-sized one. It is lightweight enough, which enhances its popularity. Considering the fact that it is light, it is no longer surprising to see users having an easier time carrying it.

If you are unfamiliar with the sizing yet then take note that the number 68 indicated in the size refers to the total cubic inches of available space within the tank. This means that in case it becomes full, it is capable of holding gas, which is up to 68 cubic inches.

The 4500 figure, on the other hand, refers to the total number of pounds per square inch that the paintball tank can produce. Aside from the 68-4500, other sizes are the 50-4500, 77-4500, and 90-4500, which is the biggest paintball tank you can find. Take note, though, that the 68-4500 is the standard size used in most fields.

Tank Material:

Making a good choice also requires you to become familiar with the materials used in the paintball tank. Note that you can’t expect the paintball tank to work efficiently if it is constructed out of poor materials. One common material used in creating the paintball tank is steel.

It is a durable material capable of holding up well during wear and tear. It is also cheaper when compared with other materials. The problem is that it is heavier and harder to manage than other materials.

You can also choose a paintball tank constructed out of aluminum material. In comparison to steel, aluminum is lighter, thus, it is easier to carry, which is why you can commonly see it in the paintball field. Many consider it the lightest paintball tank. The problem is that it is also less durable when compared to steel.

It is also prone to denting if abused. However, with proper care, it is possible for aluminum paintball tanks to last for quite a long time. Another issue is that it costs higher when compared to those tanks constructed from steel. Despite that, many still favor aluminum because they feel like it is worth the money.

Another material, which is commonly utilized in making a paintball tank, is carbon fiber. One great advantage of carbon fiber is that it is extremely strong while still retaining its lightness. The capabilities of the carbon fiber are among the reasons why it is preferred by those searching for a professional paintball tank, which is strong enough.

However, take note that among the three, carbon fiber paintball tanks seem to hold the highest price. Despite that, their ability to handle a lot of abuse because of their extreme strength while ensuring that they remain easy to manage and carry makes them worthwhile to buy.


Another important factor that should contribute to your final choice is how sturdy and durable the paintball tank is. Note that you need a really sturdy and strong one – that is it should be capable of holding up to and withstanding the pressures that it might experience on the field.

The best paintball air tanks are actually those that can withstand a lot of abuse and wear and tear. Also, remember that you will most likely play the sport in various locations. In some cases, you will be in an adverse location, which also exposes you and your tank to a number of harsh elements, like water and sand.

Ensure that you indeed search for a strong and durable tank so it can handle whatever force or harsh element it gets exposed itself to.


It is also a must for you to look for lightweight paintball tanks. Remember that what you need is a tank, which you can easily carry once you get to the battlefield. Avoid choosing a tank, which extremely heavy. You should be able to handle and manage it easily, especially if you plan on joining competitions.

Built-in features:

You also have to spend time assessing the built-in features of the paintball tank prior to buying. Note that paintball tanks are not made to be the same. Their features even vary. Among the features that you have to evaluate, therefore, are the material composition, brand, pressure rating, and size.


Now that you are aware of some guidelines in picking the best paintball tank, making a good choice will be much easier for you. Just make sure that your final choice is that, which is not only lightweight but is also easy to manage. Ensure that it fits your budget, too, so you will not end up spending more than what you initially prepared for.

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