Best Paintball Guns Under $500 Full Guide

Best Paintball Guns Under $500: With its developing notoriety among youngsters and furthermore grown-ups, paintball must be perhaps the most astonishing and courageous outside games played and delighted in by various nations of different ways of life.

This difficult and dynamic round of paintball comprises two separate groups conflicting with one another out in an open field and shading their adversaries.

Best Paintball Guns under $500:

1. Tippmann A5:

In the event that you are searching for the best paintball weapon for the cash, look no farther than the Tippmann A5. It is ideal for the outright novice and furthermore the middle of the road. This paintball weapon is consistently an extraordinary decision since you can utilize it for quite a while.

The wide cluster of redesigns accessible guarantees that you can begin with it as an amateur and as you further develop your paintball abilities, you should simply overhaul it and you will be prepared to overcome your next fight.

It circumvents 200 on Amazon. It is generally utilized for situation play and woodsball. Its lightweight and assembled makes it simple to eliminate and push pins.

Pros & Cons Of Tippmann A-5 PaintBall Gun


  • Affordable while being easy to upgrade and customize
  • Long-lasting, thanks to its aluminum die-cast construction
  • Guarantees rapid shots
  • Promotes ease when loading and shooting paintballs
  • Better ergonomics than the others


  • Not that lightweight


2. Tippmann Cronus:

The extraordinary entry into a Tippmann model is more tactical and looks realistic. Cronus was like they took 98 extraordinary habits, and improved in all ways. Optional shields and stocks that can be removed can add a cool display to this intermediate-level pistol.

User reviews are very positive about this one and this is known for its accuracy. With a train system to install various accessories such as red dot scenery, lights, or grasping Cronus certainly not disappointing!

With an incredibly moderate value reach and extraordinary general toughness, this is probably the most ideal choice for amateurs or halfway players who are searching for an excellent strong marker that will last.

Pros & Cons Of Tippmann A-5 PaintBall Gun


  • Lightweight and long-lasting
  • Can withstand tough outdoor elements
  • Easy and comfortable to hold
  • Guarantees minimal recoil when firing
  • Works for young players


  • The stock barrel might need upgrades for better shooting accuracy.


3. Empire Axe:

The Empire Axe satisfies the quality bar set by the brand and progressed players searching for an unshakable paintball firearm with a madly decent e-trigger framework that can be adapted to any game kind, from speedball to broadened outside woodsball games this is an extraordinary decision for those players with somewhat of a higher financial plan. Given the adaptability, exactness, and numerous secondary selling update parts out there for the Ax, it is nothing unexpected this paintball marker is on numerous players’ lists of things to get.

Pros & Cons Of Tippmann A-5 PaintBall Gun


  • Smooth operation and accuracy
  • Can control pressure with its poppet engine
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with adjustable firing modes
  • Offers non-slip protection from the elements


  • Upgrades may still be necessary for the barrel.


What to Look For When Buying a Paintball Gun Under $500?

Since we have been acquainted with the absolute best paintball weapons presently on the lookout, let us notice some key highlights which we should watch out for while buying a decent marker. There are various elements that should be thought of and painstakingly investigated prior to making the buy. Nonetheless, these main five highlights should be noted at first.

Personal Research:

It is consistently a smart thought to do some close-to-home exploration prior to causing a buy and investigate the specific benefits explicit weapons to have to bring to the table. We can likewise converse with an expert or individuals who have effectively utilized paintball weapons to improve data.

A good thought would likewise be to visit where individuals play paintball and to talk with somebody who doesn’t sell markers. Along these lines, the individual might be more authentic and genuine about his/her assessments. Other than research and counseling, here are a few viewpoints that we should consider prior to thinking about our ideal marker.

Customization Options:

Most markers permit us to change the containers or barrels in any event, yet there more noteworthy customization choices for the higher-tech weapons. Keeping an equilibrium is fundamental here. We would prefer not to buy a low-end firearm that won’t permit us to roll out any improvements to it.

Simultaneously, we don’t need a top-of-the-line, costly weapon with various change choices that won’t ever be utilized. It is astute to pick markers that have exchangeable parts so we can guarantee fixes on it if necessary. Most paintball players and devotees frequently search for customization highlights in their ideal marker so it empowers them to change the weapons as per their requirements and the various games.

Ease of Handling:

Regardless of whether we need to get our hands on the blockbuster paintball marker out there, it may not be the best choice to depend on our choice depending on the top online weapon audits or exclusively on the smash hit outline.

We should be sure that the weapon we are thinking about acclimates to the most extreme easement with our bodies. Everybody probably won’t track down a similar degree of solace while taking care of a similar weapon; in this way, it is significant that we sift through the marker that accommodates our simplicity of taking care of it. As paintball is an activity-pressed game, it is significant that we can move and deal with the weapon without any problem.

For this, the most ideal choice is to try out the weapon and perceive that it is so natural to change and utilize it. The fundamental parts to give a shot are the trigger, the positioning framework, and the well-being instrument. Regardless of whether we are buying on the web, we should, in any case, consider looking at the available shops to have a superior thought.

Final Words:

The strategic and fun nature of a paintball game settles the score better with the right paintball marker for every specific person. Each firearm will have its own one-of-a-kind highlights and benefits; thus, it is vital to sort out what turns out best for us.

Contingent upon our own inclinations, these best paintball guns under $500 will clearly give us that additional edge on the front line.