Best Paintball Guns For Kids: Top Rated Picks!

Best Paintball Guns For Kids: A month ago, when a paintball birthday party was held in the area, we started looking for the best paintball gun for kids. Since we have found some cases online, we certainly don’t want to risk letting kids paintball without proper equipment.

In this case, over the next 14 days, a meeting of 10 guardians inspected the protective equipment and paintball guns for kids between 10 and 14 years old. Several children under the age of 10 must also participate.

And a few weeks ago, a friend of mine was also in the same situation as a very enthusiastic 11-year-old kid about outdoor games, especially for paintball. He wants to play paintball with his friends.

But my friend got into his own situation, he didn’t want to send his son to a paintball game without the right equipment. So that my friend and I have tried our best to find the best paintball guns for kids in many shops on the Internet and we found the top 5 paintball guns for kids which are mentioned below –

Comparison Chart Of Best Paintball Guns For Kids 2022

Image Paintball Gun Rating HPA/CO2 Price
Paintball Guns For Kids Tippmann Cronus 5.0 HPA or CO2
Paintball Guns For Kids Tippmann A5 4.7 HPA or CO2
Paintball Guns For Kids Tippmann 98 Custom 4.5 Co2
Paintball Guns For Kids Spyder Victor 4.5 HPA or CO2
Paintball Guns For Kids Valken Gotcha Shotgun 4.2 HPA or CO2

Best Paintball Guns For Kids:

Have trouble finding the best paintball gun for kids so that your child can play paintball safely and easily? Here we provide you with the best paintball guns for kids; these are the top 5 guns to check out.

1. Tippmann Cronus:

best paintball guns for kids

This paintball gun is especially famous for kids aged 13 and over. Tippman is one of the largest and most famous paintball gun manufacturers. This gun is highly praised by professional paintball players.

Tippmann Cronus is one of the weapons they know. This weapon is the best reference point for your child. The paintball gun is known for its durability, accuracy, and low clearance.

This paintball gun is considered a very reasonable price and has incredible durability, making it a paintball paradise. Make it more attractive, such as landmarks, lanterns, or red line brackets. Let’s look at the pros and cons:

Pros & Cons of Tippmann Cronus


  • Easy to Setup
  • Very Strong
  • Reliable
  • Light Weight
  • Comfortable to Use


  • Semi-Automatic Gun
  • Have to Buy Paintball Tank


2. Tippmann A-5:

best paintball guns for kids

Tippmann A5 is the best value paintball gun for kids. Moreover, the mark will develop as your child gets older. Is this too interesting?

This paintball gun is a magical thing that your child can use in the next 5  years of learning. It is easy to use and accurate, and the appearance is also very attractive. I believe that when your child is 10 years old or older, there is no better solution.

This paintball gun will greatly enhance your child’s paintball adventure. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Tippmann A-5 mentioned below:

Pros & Cons of Tippmann A5


  • Easy to Setup
  • Easy to Use & Clean
  • Shoot up to 15 balls per second
  • Reliable Cyclone feed system
  • Lot’s of accessories are available


  • Semi-Automatic Gun


3. Tippmann 98 Custom:

best paintball guns for kids

Tippmann 98 is a more traditional Tippmann paintball gun. Some paintball players in the school like it because of its compact packaging. With this paintball gun, you will get an aluminum profile, making it indestructible.

The cannon successfully escorted a range of 150 feet. With the help of a lockable fuel pipe, the gun can be easily disassembled for cleaning.

The gun also has a vertical front grip, which helps control reaction and weapon handling. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons below:

Pros & Cons of Tippmann 98 Custom


  • Attractive Design
  • 5-inch stock barrel
  • Built with aluminum frame
  • Usable with Gas Tank


  • Slight Recoil
  • Not too heavy
  • Little Kickbacks


4. Spyder Victor Paintball Marker:

best paintball guns for kids

Spyder Victor is the standard entry-level paintball gun you like at a reasonable price. This gun has no firepower. However, the price of this pistol is less than $100. First, overall, this is a good idea.

This weapon will continue to develop. Your child is very ordinary. You can now purchase pre-registered guns. As an entry point, Spyder Victor is undoubtedly the best paintball gun for kids.

This gun is made of aluminum. This is an automatically loaded bookmark with a reverse look. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons below:

Pros & Cons of Spyder Victor


  • Cheap & Minimalistic
  • LightWeight With Aluminum Body (2 lbs)
  • Can be powered with Gas Tank
  • Two Finger Triggers
  • Every Component will be Upgradable


  • May Be Chop Paint (Use Quality Paint)
  • Not That Much Accurate


5. Valken Gotcha Shotgun:

best paintball guns for kids

The Valken Gotcha shot is the child’s next item. Since this gun wears out as the spring system wears out, this unusual effect is less than that of a traditional pistol.

This shotgun was found to be very useful, including a bunker that allows more angles to take advantage of the game. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons below:

Pros & Cons of Valken Gotcha Shotgun


  • Hopper Functionality
  • Spring Powered Shotgun
  • Uses .50 Cal Paintballs
  • Specially Designed For Kids
  • Low Maintenance Required


  • Hopper is sold separately
  • Not Very Expansive
  • Design is not attractive


What Should I Pay Attention To When Buying Paintball Guns For Kids?

Lightweight: You don’t have to double-check the box to do this. Your child will love to carry light guns. Shotguns weighing less than 3 or 4 pounds are best for you. This is definitely not a silent fact. All paintball guns listed here are designed to withstand 1/3 of a load of a typical paintball gun.

Safety is the Key: No one can see unpleasant places. It is indeed the ultimate fate of the son. This is the motivation that we did not exclude in the dynamic paintball gun test.

Easy to use: There is no doubt that semi-automatic guns are not difficult to use at all and compared to fully programmed guns, they have obtained a brief guarantee against interruption of the game.

Accuracy: Having an Eagle eye in the shooting is significant. Being right is the key, right. Therefore, all the guns mentioned in this review are very precise.

Durability: All the guns mentioned in this article are 100%durable.

Reviews: I also read a lot of customer surveys and more. I have used this gun for reasonable testing. At that time, I finally picked up all these paintball guns for your kids.

Reasonable Pricing: You are willing to spend a lot of money on your child’s paintball game, but you don’t know whether your child will like it or not. This explains why the prices of all the guns listed on this page are less than $350.

FAQs about Paintball Guns For Kids:

Many parents worry about their children. You also want to know whether paintball is really safe for children. The answer is that, according to many studies, paintball suffers far fewer injuries than any other sports such as football and skiing. For more information, please refer to these FAQs.

Q- Minimum age to play Paintball for kids?

A- According to a survey, the minimum age for paintball shooting in the United States is 10 years old. However, I recommend that the minimum age for paintball shooting is at least 12 years old.

Q- What is the minimum cost for the best paintball gun for kids?

A- A good paintball gun costs at least $60.

Q- Does paintball harm children?

A- First, the pain of paintball shooting is less harmful than expected. A small amount of temporary bruising may be left during this period. All the guns listed are particularly made for children.

Q- Does Paintball Harmful For A 12-Year-Old?

A- Wearing those all guards and masks will protect your child as much as possible. In 2003, the National Injury Information Center pointed out that paintball is safer than bowling, running, etc.

These are few common doubts. You can ask any other questions in the comments section below. I am happy to answer your questions.


Paintball shooting is a very exciting and important game. In addition, it looks like a computer game, so children like it.

At long last, I’ll state that If your kid is matured at least 13 at that point, you have to go For Tippmann Cronus. Something else, Tippmann A-5 is the best paintball gun for 10-year-olds or more.

At the time, at least 13-year-old  kid Tippmann Cronus had to be selected. Another thing is that Tippmann A-5 is the best paintball gun for kids over 10 years old.

Today, this supported me to assure you the best paintball guns for kids. I am sure your child is ready to participate in the paintball competition.