Best Paintball Barrels: How To Find Best Paintball Barrels For Accuracy?

Each component of your paintball gun or marker is vital for its overall performance in the paintball field. Even a simple and small component, like the barrel, plays a major role in its performance. That said, you really have to figure out which one is the best paintball barrel in the market today.

If you are still a beginner in the paintball scene then be aware that the barrel actually refers to that specific pipe where your paintball goes out through. In your search for the best and the most accurate paintball barrel kit, careful research and comparison are necessary.

It is also a must to look for a barrel, which is perfectly suitable for your gameplay. Remember that there are several ways and techniques for you to play paintball – among them are the sniper methods and the guerilla tactics. Take note that each style and technique also needs a slightly different barrel.

With that in mind, you really have to find out which one suits your playing style the most. To help you make a good decision, we have broken down ten of the ideal paintball barrels in the market that are mainly designed for distance and accuracy, giving you the satisfaction you are hoping for.

Best Paintball Barrels:

1. Empire Apex 2 Paintball Barrel:

Empire Apex 2If you are thinking of upgrading your paintball barrel but do not want to spend a huge sum of money when doing so, then I highly suggest checking out the Empire Apex 2. What I noticed right away about this barrel is that it combines affordability with durability and reliability, making it a genuinely good option.

The barrel can provide a long and wide range, which, I think, is truly a big help in completely revolutionizing the game of paintball. In fact, it has long-distance shooting capabilities to help players in hitting their target, which is an impossible feat if you are using an old marker.

One possible drawback is that its built-in case is low in quality but that is tolerable considering its numerous features and benefits.

Pros & Cons Of Empire Apex 2 PaintBall Barrel


  • Combines affordability, durability, and reliability in one product
  • Long-distance shooting capabilities
  • Equipped with multiple barrels and bore inserts
  • Features an adjustable ramp
  • Makes it possible for you to switch it based on your game and needs


  • Low-quality case


2. Eclipse Shaft FR Back Kit:

Another product in the paintball barrel category that I want any player to check out is the Eclipse Shaft FR Back Kit. I have to say that it is an ideal option for those in search of reliable paintball gun barrels because of its excellent performance and compatibility with Freak inserts.

There is also a joiner section, which is mainly designed to hold the insert in place. Such also works in doubling as an interface to the tip. With the 3 windows that form part of the barrel, you will also have an easier time identifying the specific insert used quickly. Furthermore, there are quick threads in this kit.

These threads are designed in such a way that you can easily attach and remove the barrel from your marker. In fact, the whole process is faster in comparison to other barrels that use standard threads.

Pros & Cons Of Eclipse Shaft FR Back Kit


  • Compatible with freak inserts
  • Guaranteed to optimize the bore selection
  • Comes with a unique design, which guides the insert well
  • The insert is guaranteed to be held in place with a joiner section
  • Easy to attach and remove from the marker


  • Slightly tight


3. Tippmann Sniper Barrel:

If you want a paintball barrel, which is guaranteed to provide you with even better accuracy than a standard one, then I would like to introduce to you the Tippmann Sniper. I can assure potential users that this barrel is suitable for Tippman 98 custom as well as custom pro paintball guns.

Most of its users even consider it as the best Tippmann 98 barrel. It is a famous brand and model in the industry for several good reasons. One thing I can think of is the presence of its 16-inch barrel, which is mainly designed to let users enjoy long-distance shots and a high level of accuracy.

It also features an exterior mainly designed to appear intimidating to average paintball players. Any player who loves to hide and snipe from a distance can greatly benefit from this paintball barrel. I am also in favor of this barrel because it helps you fire with little to zero noise.

Pros & Cons Of Tippmann Sniper Barrel


  • Allows users to enjoy long-distance and accurate shots
  • Operates with the least noise
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Ideal for Tippmann 98 custom, as well as custom pro paintball guns
  • Works well for those who love hiding and sniping from a distance


  • Does not have as much range as the others.


4. GOG Freak Barrel Kit:

I am also pleased to introduce the GOG Freak Barrel Kit to those who are still on the stage of searching for the best paintball barrel. I think that this is the perfect barrel system that you should consider buying if what you are looking for is complete consistency and accuracy.

One thing I find so pleasurable about this kit is that it offers various inserts. You can, therefore, look for a perfect match for your paint and bore size. This provides a high level of pinpoint precision that you will instantly notice in this barrel. The kit contains almost all the things you need to make it work perfectly.

These include its freak barrel back, freak 14-inch tip, and 8 inserts. I am also happy that the inserts and tips are interchangeable with the freak backs, irrespective of the thread used in the barrel. It also makes use of an Autococker thread, the most commonly used thread in the barrel back.

Pros & Cons Of GOG Freak Barrel Kit


  • Promotes complete consistency and accuracy
  • Provides multiple inserts
  • Contains almost all the things needed to make the barrel work perfectly
  • Boasts of a unique barrel porting
  • High level of pinpoint precision


  • Seems to be compatible with markers using Autococker threads only.


5. Deadlywind Fiber-X Carbon Fiber:

Another paintball barrel that instantly grabbed my attention is the Deadlywind Fiber-X carbon fiber paintball barrel. One of the things I am truly pleased about in this barrel is its quietness, accuracy, and lightness. It makes use of Freak replaceable inserts, giving just a single barrel and multiple inserts to perform the function of more than one barrel.

I am also glad that this paintball barrel gives me the opportunity of swapping to various threads without letting me spend too much. This specific barrel system actually has three parts. The first one is the thread adapter designed to perfectly match the type of gun you have.

Pros & Cons Of Deadliwind Fiber-X Carbon Fiber


  • Promotes complete consistency and accuracy
  • Provides multiple inserts
  • Contains almost all the things needed to make the barrel work perfectly
  • Boasts of a unique barrel porting
  • High level of pinpoint precision


  • Seems to be compatible with markers using Autococker threads only.


6. Deadlywind Null:

If you are looking forward to the best paintball barrel that offers real value for money, Deadlywind Null Paintball Barrel is more likely to be your foremost choice. The company boasts a durable straight-bore barrel design built from premium quality carbon fiber.

You will be more than satisfied with the carbon fiber material used in the overall built. The lightweight barrel is highly accurate and quiet. Despite being very lightweight, it is durable enough to withstand rough use. Also, 3-layer construction further enhances functionality and sturdiness.

Every part of this barrel is made in the United States and includes its porting and assembly to ensure the highest level of precision. The only slight drawback is the barrel is not much customizable compared to other expensive models

Pros & Cons Of Deadliwind Fiber-X Carbon Fiber


  • Lightweight and quiet
  • Offer the highest level of accuracy
  • 3-Layer carbon fiber construction
  • Can be easily used without requiring inserts


  • Limited customization options


7. DYE Precision GF Boomstick Barrel:

Lastly, we would recommend you DYE Precision GF Boomstick Barrel. It is one of the best paintball barrels with a 2-piece built and optimal quality. The built comprises CF and GF structural wrap which guarantees a lightweight and unmatched performance.

Besides, the barrel comes with a steady and stable port pressure porting. The nice design port makes the barrel very accurate and delivers an effective performance. Moreover, stainless steel insert makes sure you will enjoy a sturdy performance and resistance from scratches and corrosion.

This built also guarantees that the barrel features a straight and smooth surface finish. One benefit you must note is the incorporation of glass fiber technology for its incredible strength and durability. What’s more? You can enjoy color customization. Though the barrel is comparatively expensive, yet the quality and features make it truly stand out.

Pros & Cons Of Deadliwind Fiber-X Carbon Fiber


  • 2-piece built that delivers an optimal performance
  • Comes with a stable port
  • Stainless steel insert
  • Features glass fiber technology
  • Highly durable
  • Color customization


  • Comparatively expensive


What to Look For When Buying a Paintball Barrel?

Carbon Fiber Freak Barrel: If you are still confused over your numerous options then it is time to be fully aware of the basics involved in selecting a barrel. You can actually boost your chance of making a well-informed choice if you fully take these things into consideration during the selection process:

Barrel Length: You need to spend time carefully assessing the length of the barrel because it plays a vital role in your shot’s consistency and accuracy. In this case, consider going for a length of around 12 to 16 inches.

Contrary to what others believe, a longer barrel, probably around 20 inches or longer, does not instantly result in a high level of accuracy. It might even have a negative impact on the accuracy of your short. You need to have just the right length of barrel for accuracy and consistency.

Note that the paintball will have an extra distance to take in order to fly within the barrel. This can produce an additional drag within the barrel. With that in mind, find a length, which is just enough to promote ease in aiming accurately.

Keep in mind, though, that the ideal length is still based on user preference. For instance, a player who enjoys diving, sliding, and running in the field may realize that a shorter barrel length is more appropriate for him as it lets him retain a small profile.

However, if you are someone who tends to play the game by laying down suppressive fire then a longer barrel is ideal for you as you can easily point it in the right direction.

Bore size: You also need to consider your barrel’s bore size prior to choosing. Note that you need to match this bore size to the paint that you are specifically using as such can give you more consistent and accurate shots.

One way for you to determine if the paintballs you have perfectly match the bore is to drop one of them in a vertical manner down the barrel. If you notice that the paintball falls straight then it is an indication that the size of the bore is too big for it.

You will know that it is just the right size in case you can blow the paintball in case it gets stuck using just a light burst of air that comes out of your mouth. However, if it gets stuck and you have a hard time blowing it out of the barrel, then it indicates that the size is too small.

You need the perfect bore size of the barrel as it can help maintain the contact of the paintball with the barrel itself, especially during your whole shooting process. However, take note that paint tends to vary a bit in terms of its size. With that in mind, it would be best for you to look for a barrel kit, which has various bore sizes.

Interior finish: Considering the barrel’s interior finish is also a must in making a good choice. Note that your goal is to find a smooth and polished interior finish in the barrel as this can result in minimal drag.

Note that a barrel without a smooth and polished interior can lead to drag. This will also cause spins, thereby minimizing the accuracy of your shots or causing the paintball to break inside.

Vents: You also have to examine whether there are vents in the barrel. The vents actually refer to the drilled holes in the barrel that are helpful in venting additional or extra pressure. Vents positioned closer to the marker will result in quieter shots. However, their closeness to the marker can also lead to slower speed.

Material: Check what the paintball barrel is made of, too. Among the materials used in this specific item for paintball are Teflon and ceramic. Ensure that the barrel material is smooth so you will have the chance to use paintballs that have thin shells.

However, you can also choose to use rougher materials. In this case, you also need to pair it up with balls with tough shells. Note that the shell greatly affects how the balls will break. If it is thin then it will break easily once it hits your opponent.

Thread: Check the thread of the barrel, too. Note that the most accurate barrel is one, which comes with a thread that perfectly matches the gun or marker. This is the specific section of the barrel that is screwed or attached to the gun.


Selecting the best paintball barrel is not totally challenging if you are just aware of the basics of it. Your goal should be to weigh the pros and cons of each of your option. Also, figure out which one fits your budget the most. That way, you can really find the most suitable choice out of the numerous options presented to you.

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